Session 3: Chaucer: Five Canterbury Tales

Tue Sep 15, 2020
Geoffrey Chaucer is sometimes called the 'father of English literature' not only because he wrote so well but because he has been, and remains, a poet who had a unique power to capture in language the foibles and strengths, the folly and wisdom, and the rich variety of perspectives that make us human. Though his the language in which he wrote (Middle English) requires an initial stretch for modern readers, it is quickly mastered and well worth the effort, since Chaucer was also the first poet in English to use the language with such finesse and precision. Join Christopher Cannon, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of English and Classics, to read five of the most accomplished of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and discover Chaucer's unusual and innovative techniques for bringing the fourteenth-century England to life in language. To learn more visit