Paid Parental Leave at Johns Hopkins

Wed Jun 28, 2017
Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels meets with a group of expectant and adoptive parents to announce extensive new paid parental leave benefits for full and part-time employees.Video Transcript[lighthearted music]Woman’s voice: We’re going to a baby shower![lighthearted music continues]Ronald J. Daniels/Johns Hopkins University President: The purpose of this baby shower is to share the great news with several of our expectant parents.We will commencing July 1, 2017 be offering fully paid parental and birth recovery leave and expanded adoption benefits to you all.Man’s voice: Hooray![applause]Daniels: All new parents—mothers, fathers, adoptive parents and surrogate parents will receive four full weeks of fully paid parental leave.New mothers who give birth will be given an additional six weeks.Vernita Mouzon/Expectant Mother: My due date is October the tenth and it’s really really exciting.It is life changing for me.Vijitha Lahanda Awdu/Expectant Mother: This is my first child, so having 10 weeks off with pay is a great amazing thing for me.Melissa Lopez/Expectant Mom: I think it’s a really great opportunity to spend that time with your child and really grow and learn, get to know them and not have to worry about that at all.Daniels: We have also tripled our benefit for employees who are adopting a child from $5,000 to $15,000.Greg Burks/Planning to Adopt: The cost of adoption is almost insurmountable. We’ve had to save for about eight years. We’re just truly thankful for this opportunity and this benefit.[laughter]Woman: At Hopkins…Daniels: Our employees are family and we felt veery strongly that we could be helpful in embarking on life’s greatest journey.[lighthearted music]Video By: Johns Hopkins Office of Communications Producer/Editor-Len Turner Photographers- Dave Schmelick