The Gatehouse

Building Description:

The Gatehouse, also known as the Homewood Lodge, is located in a quiet corner of Homewood Campus near the Baltimore Museum of Art and its sculpture garden, across the street from the Charles Village community. Built in 1875, the Gatehouse houses the offices of the News-Letter, the weekly student-run newspaper, and had formerly housed various departments and clubs such as the Department of Gas Engineering in the 1920s and 1930s, the Camera Club, and the Chemical Engineering Department from 1939 until October 1965 when the News-Letter moved its offices into the building. The Gatehouse stood at the entrance to the property of William Wyman and was built in the same Italianate style as Wyman's Homewood Villa. (Homewood Villa, built in 1853, no longer stands, as it was torn down in May 1955.)