Remsen Hall

Building Description:

Built in 1923-1924, Remsen Hall, named after the first professor of Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University, Ira Remsen, houses the Chemistry Department. As a significant figure at Johns Hopkins University, Ira Remsen, being the first Chemistry professor and the second president of the university, is best known for his participation in the discovery of saccharin in 1878. His ashes are interred behind a plaque in the building in honor of his role at Johns Hopkins University. Remsen Hall features multiple classrooms, laboratories, and a 350-seat lecture hall.

Accessibility Features:

  • Average Restroom Lighting Survey score: 3.2 out of 5
  • At least one ADA compliant restroom
  • Restroom genders alternate by floor
  • Please note: Elevators may be difficult to locate