Gilman Hall

Building Description:

As the first major academic building to be constructed at Johns Hopkins, Gilman Hall was carefully based on Homewood House, beginning the tradition of Georgian architecture on campus. The building was dedicated on May 21, 1915, and named for Daniel Coit Gilman, the first president of Johns Hopkins. In 2010, the renovation of Gilman Hall was completed, which updated the classrooms, seminar rooms, offices, and libraries, and covered the courtyard area with a glass ceiling. The building was a unique experiment in the combination of research and teaching. Today, Gilman Hall is home to the majority of humanities departments, including English, Philosophy, and Romance Languages, a small coffee shop, Cafe Azafran, and the Hutzler Undergraduate Reading Room (known as "the Hut"). The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Collection is also housed here.

Accessibility Features:

  • Average Restroom Lighting Survey score: 3.2 out of 5
  • At least one ADA compliant restroom